About Us

Elevative Networks provides comprehensive professional IT services for organizations looking for a single technology provider offering affordable, predictable pricing. Elevative matches your particular needs with our processes & tools to ensure the secure, proactive management of your network and computer systems. Elevative will work with you to ensure that your technology platform is an efficient asset to your organization, keeping an eye on the smooth operations of your systems while also providing you with strategic, proactive technology advice as your organization grows and changes over time.

Founded by IT services veterans from a break-fix support firm, Elevative was formed with the idea that providing support should take advantage of prevailing technology and become more proactive and customer-service driven. Instead of waiting for problems to appear or systems to crash, and then billing hourly for the fix, we knew that we could deploy a support system that would monitor, maintain and secure our client’s IT infrastructure. Using our technology platform, we can identify the vast majority of systems issues before they become real business problems, while also leveraging our tools to provide unlimited support at fixed prices. Elevative Networks’ business formula for providing IT support is a success, and we are grateful to have such a strong and vibrant client base with which we can share our success story.