Case Studies

Elevative Networks provides support services to companies large and small, and solves problems from simple to complex.

Replace Underperforming IT Support Provider
Virginia Services Firm

A Virginia services firm contacted Elevative Networks because its support requirements were not being met by their current IT support provider. The Firm was not getting timely responses to support requests, felt that the work being done was substandard, and therefore lacked confidence in their network. Elevative Networks performed a complete network evaluation of their network uncovering many items in need of attention including: missed backups, unpatched servers and workstations, expired anti-virus software, email inboxes overrun with spam, security vulnerabilities, and many others. Working within their budget and resources, Elevative Networks corrected these issues and then implemented our Proactive IT Management Service to continually monitor their network while providing the staff access to unlimited IT support. The company now receives timely responses to their support requests, and has a stable and reliable network.

Changing from On Staff IT Support to Outsourced Support
Maryland Association

Under pressure from tightening budgets the Association needed to cut costs and consequently begin a cost comparison of their in-house IT support engineer to an outsourced solution. Elevative Networks met with management and delivered a proposal for our Proactive IT Management Service that would cut their yearly IT costs by 50% while improving their overall network stability. The Association moved forward with the proposal and in addition to the dramatic savings they now have access to a team of experienced and responsive engineers. Furthermore, Elevative Networks was able to streamline their network infrastructure by doing away with unnecessary systems and consolidating services to further reduce operating costs.

Project Based Network Upgrade
D.C. based Government Contractor with Offices Nationwide

Upgrading their corporate accounting system required an upgrade to their entire network architecture including upgrading to the latest Windows Server edition across all of their servers in all of their nationwide offices. Elevative Networks was tapped to design the new network, develop the plan to make the change, and lead the team of engineers to complete the project. Because the company had offices across the nation, particular attention had to be paid to the coordination of work and availability of servers throughout the network. The company required minimal downtime, Elevative Networks delivered and was able to accomplish the project on-time and within budget.

Case Studies